Tests, tests and more tests... These couple of days were completely messy and f*cking tiring. But now everything will be great. Vacations are coming up and I'm really excited about that. Lots of photos, lazy days and cold weather just to sleep all day long. Back to the photos:

1. New habits: taking pictures of my feet. Random.
2. Going to my english class.
3. Had a great event on my school last saturday and it was awesome. Food, drinks, music and dances.
4. My boyfriend gave me these flowers for our anniversary. I love him to death.
5. Random pic of one of my favorites rings. I'm obsessed with that.
6. Cold days are for laying in my bed and read a great book.
7. Me and the most amazing sister in the whole world.
8. Tried to do something different on my nails, but I'm terrible with those things.

Hope you all have a great weekend! xx

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