1. Found this little friendly cow in the street while walking with my boyfriend.
2. Four of me - Part I
3. This is love.
4. Me and my sister a while ago.
5. Lazy day in bed.
6. Four of me - Part II
7. The most amazing store I've ever seen!
8. Before dinner with my boyfriend.

That was a troubled week for me. I had too much to do and I was going through some tough situations... God, I'm so thankful it's over. Now I'm turning the page and ready to start all over. Sorry, I had to do this little confession here. Somehow I feel free to speak in my little space in this whole world.
Have a great weekend folks!

x, A.



Yesterday was such a lazy day I couldn't even get up out of my bed till lunch. I was going to shopping new sneakers but my mom wasn't ok to go out, so I had to come back to my wonderful bad. In the evening I went out with my dad to by some macarons and croissants in a new big bakery near my house and I couldn't think twice about wearing my most comfy clothes. The weather was kinda pleasant so I chose my black pants from Zara, white cardingan and my burgundy scarf. And of course, my fur flats. Simple and super comfortable but nothing special, just wanted to share my laziness with you all.
Have a great week folks!

x, A.



via tumblr

I've been so busy at school that I hardly had time for myself. For me, thank God it's saturday!
So, all I wanna do is relax and search for inspiring pictures on Tumblr all day long and play GTA.
Tomorrow I'll be posting a new OOTD so stay tuned! Hope you all have a great weekend.

x, A.



Black shirt, Renner - White muscle tee, Zara

Went for a walk at the mall with my mom and got these two beauties, both with amazing prices.
Holiday is gone and now I have a ton of tests at school. #sadlife
Hope you all have a great week!
x, A.

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1. This was only for a play at my school. Cool nuns.
2. Absolutely one of the coolest movies I've ever seen!
3. Random outfit.
4. Going to my friend's party.
5. This pretty chick is one of my best friends.
6. Preparing for a long day at school.
7. Random outfit, again.
8. Waiting on.
9. Taking some pictures for the blog.
10. My boyfriend got a new haircut!

x, A.
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 Hi everyone! I've been really busy these past two weeks with all school stuff and drawing classes, so I'm terribly sorry! Let's talk about this outfit then. Today was such a beautiful day with blue sky and warm weather that I wanted to use my maxi skirt for a walk at the mall with my family. I don't know why but this skirt has been on my mind almost every day, so I finally had the opportunity to use it! Newsflash: we are planning a trip to NYC in january so let's cross fingers because I really want to come back to this amazing and crazy city!
See you soon folks, x.