Hello everybody!
On October 10th I turned 17 years old, yay! I wanted to have a great day with my family and friends but it wasn't how I expected. A lot of things made me sad just on the day of my birthday. Could it be worse? But I could spend some time with my boyfriend and I swear, he is the most amazing person in this whole world. Thanks for everything, T. ♥
So, the weather was freaking hot during the day and we went out to refresh a little bit and we got amazing tropical juices: avocado and watermelon. Yummy! My parents got me surprised with those Cavalera and Topshop bags, hahaha. Just got the most amazing clothes for my birthday. And my birthday outfit: striped shorts from Topshop and a transparent top. My friends came home and I had a little party. It was pretty good!
That's it folks, see you next post.

x, A
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  1. Happy belated birthday :) It's good to hear that you ended up having a nice day - you looked gorgeous! x