xmas whishlist 2012

I need to confess that this Christmas I'm really happy with all the things that I already have and it was a little bit hard to choose some things to compose my xmas wishlist this year. I think I am pretty excited with my trip to USA on January so I don't have to ask too much right now. But here's my most wanted at this moment:

creepers - I just need a pair of them
litas - I just need a pair of them - part. 2
white backpack - isn't it the most beautiful and glamorous bag you could have?
blue blazer - I recently got a crush on blazers, I just can't handle it. So stunning!
aztec leggings - I think this is my favorite print ever. Too much love for me...
burgundy hat - I simply love hats and in this color... I could die to have one of it.
black shorts - Can you believe if I tell that I don't have a pair of shorts in black since I was born?
white headphones - It would be perfect to have one like that. So charming...
romwe leggings - I don't even know what to say about them. I just need/want one of these.

And what are your wishes for this Christmas?


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